Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I want my students to.....iPad Learning Objectives

Sometimes we intimidate people because the lists we create are just too big. Sometime bigger is not better. Yesterday I found a perfect example of this. I came across this website edtechteacher.org on twitter via @meesterkurt. I love the idea of having the apps organised by what you want your students to do. This makes so much sense, even from the student's point of view.

What is the task - what apps can I use.

iPad Learning Objectives
  1. I want my students to record and edit video on the iPad. 
  2. I want my students to record and / or edit audio on the iPad. 
  3. I want my students to read class content on the iPad. 
  4. I want my students to annotate course readings on the iPad 
  5. I want my students to be able to use audio books on the iPad. 
  6. I want my students to use the iPad as a digitial notebook / note-taking device. 
  7. I want my students to use their iPads to create screencasts to share and demonstrate their understanding.
  8. I want my students to create presentations on the iPad. 
  9. I want my students to create digital stories on the iPad. 
  10. I want my students to be able to study with the iPad. 
  11. I want to use the iPad as a student response system. 
  12. I want my students to create written content on the iPad. 
  13. I want my students to blog on the iPad.
  14. I want my students to create ePubs / iBooks to read on the iPad


  1. This is awesome! I just posted on m y blog.


  2. You have clearly copied content directly from EdTechTeacher.org without proper attribution. Please indicate clearly at the top of your blog post that the content in question is the property of EdTechTeacher and was created at EdTechTeacher.org. Or remove the blog post entirely. Thank you.

  3. Hi Tom

    I think you have the wrong idea here Tom. This site always acknowledges the original site. We try to bring together great material from around the net to one place. In no way has this work been claimed as anyone else's other then the original author. In fact only a small portion of the site is shown and that is itself a link back to the original site. I appreciate your passion but in fact we were attempting to drive traffic back to the original site because we believed it was one of such a quality. Happy to pull it down if you still think this is unethical.

  4. Its good that you are making your students so advanced.


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