Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dual Browsers for Real MultiTasking on iPad

Dual Browsing is about ease of use. It is not essential or even necessary - it is just convenient. It is convenient for comparing the quality or price of two items. It is great for researching on one side and taking notes on the other. This is an excellent tool for student research tasks full stop. Dual Browsing is one way of multitasking on your iPad that works easily and well. Take a look at this collection of dual browser to find one that is right for you.

Dual Browser: $1.99 AU
This is probably my favourite. You will be able to browse the web in two different windows at the same time, with the advantage of opening the links from one in the other. It's features and options make it unique; Two simultaneous windows to navigate independently, full screen option and hide the navigation bar as well as private browsing.

Split Pea: $4.49 AU
Split Pea is an innovative new iPad application that features a web browser and text editor in one application. Split Pea is ideal for bloggers, writers, and researchers who often switch between their web browser and their text editor on the desktop. Full web browser and text editor on one screen - no need to switch applications.

Split Screen: FREE
Split Screen lets you do two things at once by giving you two side by side browser windows. You can read the news in one pane, while chatting with friends using your favorite web apps in the other. Split Screen includes many standard web browser features like bookmarks, history, integrated search bar and more. 

Side by Side: FREE
This is a multiple-window browser with note taking capabilities. It turns the iPad into multiple resizable parallel reading device. You can browse webpages, files, read documents, or take notes on each split screen. When reading something on the iPad, you  can have a dictionary, a notepad, your email inbox, your facebook updates on the other. This is one I want to try with a class this semester

Duet Browser: $1.99 AU
Duet Browser is a dual window tab browser for the iPad. It features a simple and elegant user interface.This app allows you to use two web browser windows simultaneously on iPad's wide screen. In portrait mode, the screen is divided into top and bottom windows;  Each window can open up to four tabs, so it's easy to switch between web pages with a single tap.

Split Browser: $5.49 AU
Two pages of web experience, with two independent toolbars, two websites at the same time. With a division bar you can resize your pages, portrait or landscape mode, it's up to you. This app offers you an ultimate web experience, allowing you to stream a video while checking out your emails; if you want to focus on the film, try the full screen mode.

Atomic Browser: $0.99 AU
Atomic Web Browser is the most advanced and customizable fullscreen web browser to date. Experience desktop features including Adblock, Tabs, MultiTouch Gestures, User Agent Switcher, Passcode Lock, Facebook/Twitter integration, Save Page, Downloads, and much more, including split screen.

Photon Browser: $5.49 AU
Photon Browser is a powerful browser specifically designed to enhance your browsing experience on the iPad. Multi-task by using tabbed or multiple views during browsing. Split view divides your screen in half to allow viewing of video on one half and browsing on another. Full screen browsing maximizes your screen real estate for enhanced browsing experience.

Browser Duo: $2.99 AU
Designed specifically for the iPad, Browser Duo takes advantage of the iPad's amazing screen size to enable multi-tasking in the browser. Watch a movie or video clip while browsing the internet simutaneously. Perfect for shopping and comparing price or product specs side by side or browse while staying connected to your favorite social networking site. 

Twin Browser:  $2.99 AU
Twin Browser is an iPad browser that features side-by-side webpage viewing using one, streamlined, toolbar. The Twin Browser toolbar will adapt itself to the webpage you're using. Twin Browser uses two panels, side-by-side, so you can read and compare blogs, research multiple articles at once, and browse your Twitter feed while catching up with friends on Facebook. 


  1. Amazing!! The best. It is really convenient to use dual browser on iPad ..

  2. cool applications
    i have downloaded some.

  3. Hey! Multitasking has always been the greatest feature of an Ipad. Thanks for such a great downloading resource at one place. I have downloaded a few applications.


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