Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Prezi for iPad

I have written about the benefits of Prezi at my other blog at Prezi is a great non-linear presentation tool that allows users to zoom into and out of the canvas they create their presentations on. This is excellent to use when you want to create links in concepts presented or to see how the different components of the idea work together and then you want to zoom in to look at the individual details of those components. Anyway Prezi have announced that they have developed and are about to release a Prezi app for the iPad.

If you have not had a play with Prezi sign up and have a go. Check out some of the amazing presentations that other people have already made - especially around the idea of Web 2.0 and using technology in schools.

Then imagine using your presentation on an iPad or even better getting your students to create their presentations using Prezi on the iPad.

Prezi also emailed all their account holders yesterday the 26.1.11 to inform them of a competition for an iPad. Create a Prezi about using it on the iPad or what features you would like to see it create for use on the iPad for a chance to win one. A great motivation to start learning Prezi.

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